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Euromaidan, C

Om den ryska vitboken


Hur gick det sedan – när USA fått sina män från Fäderneslandsförbundet på posterna som premiärminister och talman, tillförordnad president och ÖB, samt en Svobodamedlem som riksåklagare?


Efter den 22-25 februari har utvecklingen i Kiev och övriga Ukraina fortsatt i riktning mot hot och våld, laglöshet och förtryck.

Det skulle föra alltför långt att här ta upp konkreta exempel ur den ryska vitboken, jag nöjer med att återge dess sammanfattning:

”The facts set forth above clearly demonstrate that under the influence of extremists from ultranationalistic and neo-Nazi forces, and with the active multidimensional support of the USA and the European Union and its members, the protests in Ukraine which bore an initially peaceful character rapidly escalated into a coercive rebellion and, in the end, the forceful seizure of power and an unconstitutional coup d’etat..  These dramatic events were accompanied by widespread and gross violations of human rights and freedoms on the part of the self-proclaimed government and its supporters. As a result, manifestations of extremist, ultranationalist, and neo-Nazistic sentiments, religious intolerance, xenophobia, blatant blackmail, threats, pressure placed by the Maidan leaders on their opponents, ’purges’ and arrests amongst them, repression, physical violence, and sometimes plain criminal lawlessness have become commonplace in Ukraine.

In all of Ukraine’s regions, but especially in the southeastern part of the country, Ukrainian radical nationalists, instructed by the de facto authorities in Kiev and their external patrons, are ramping up the pressure on Russian-speaking citizens who do not want to lose the centuries-old ties that bind them to Russia and Russian culture. Moreover, affairs are being conducted Maidan-style – through the use of threats, intimidation, physical violence, and heinous attempts to obliterate Russian culture and identity among the inhabitants of these regions of Ukraine.

Unfortunately, all of the gross human rights violations and violations of the principle of the rule of law that have been committed and are still being committed remain unpunished. Moreover, the bandits from Euromaidan who, weapons in hand, committed atrocities against the legal authorities and citizens have been amnestied by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and declared national heroes. We are convinced that if the lawlessness in Ukraine continues, the situation may erupt into a serious threat to regional peace and security and lead to further escalation of international and interethnic contraditions and conflicts in Ukraine and Europe in general.

We hope that this fact will finally be recognized in the relevant international organizations, which in accordance with their mandates must contribute to the conducting of objective and non-politicized investigations into the numerous violations of human rights and the principle of the rule of law in Ukraine. The perpetrators must be duly punished. Otherwise, extremists of all stripes and colors will receive a dangerous signal of encouragement.”

Vitboken sträcker sig fram t.o.m. mars månad.


Sedan dess har ju våldet i Ukraina eskalerat på ett dramatiskt sätt.

Den 2 maj massakern i Odessa, nu det fullskaliga kriget mot befolkningen i Donetsk.

Kan en stat med så grova brott mot mänskliga rättigheter vara ens påtänkt att släppas in som medlem i EU?!



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